Donnie Lim


Donnie Lim has always had a love for cooking and it shows in his work.  Donnie is a Red Seal Journeyman Chef and has more than 30 years of experience in a variety of roles from Kitchen Manager to Sous Chef and Head Chef.  He has conceived, built and sold 3 successful restaurant operations. Donnie excellence in the kitchen is only matched by his charismatic personality as he is always making sure everyone is happy and enjoying the experience.  When Donnie isn't preparing exquisite dishes, he can always be found entertaining the guests.

Zika Pavlovic


Zika started to build his career in the hospitality industry in his home country of Serbia. His passion for mixing cocktails and serving guests in the local café’s of his neighbourhood were what inspired him to pursue such a career after he, and his family, immigrated to Canada in 1994. Continuing to develop his skills as not only a server and bartender, but an event planner as well, gave Zika the warm idea of what it means to cater to the wonderful people in our city. He prides himself in the various nominations his clients have recommended him for, such as The Calgary White Hat award, as well as the outstanding individuals, including the Queen and numerous actors, he has had the pleasure of serving along the way. Zika believes that the reason he has been successful in creating and maintaining such a career, is due to the motivation he receives every time a client is more than satisfied with his service.


"Zika is very detail oriented to meet customers needs and prepares very tasty appetizers, main dishes and most important all different kind of pitas and bureks.
I cannot forget all different kind of desserts !!!! VERY TASTY "

Ewa Has - Passport Travel International - Owner